Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews the Cohiba brand

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Swiss Cuban Cigars regularly reviews different brands of authentic Habanos cigars regularly. Here’s their account of the history of the Cohiba brand.

The Swiss Cuban Cigars review of the Cohiba brand of cigars

Cohiba is a premium cigar brand made by Habanos in Cuba and the word itself derives from a Caribbean word for ‘tobacco’. Cohiba is a word used by the Taino indigenous people in the Caribbean, who mostly lived in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

They were the first indigenous people to meet a Western invader, and actually encountered Christopher Columbus when he made his 1492 voyage.

Each box of Cuban Cohiba are made with tobacco that comes from one of the five best tobacco growing regions in Cuba, the Vuelta Abajo region. This makes the cigars exceptionally fine and gives them a rich quality that many reviews cite as a major positive.

Background on the Cohiba cigar brand

Established in 1966, this brand was originally meant as a limited private brand specially for Fidel Castro himself, as well as some of the highest level officials in the Government and Party.

This meant that the Cohiba often reached other world leaders in the form of diplomatic gifts. Over the years, this helped them become a cult brand of cigars, renowned for their fine quality.

Eventually, the Cuban Cohiba brand became commercially available to members of the public. But it wasn’t until 1982 that the general population could buy a box. Perhaps the origins of the brand go some way to explain the pleasure taken in acquiring the exact boxes that Castro himself purchased.

The Cohiba brand regularly gets high review scores

When it comes to blind reviews, the Cohiba Siglo VI has consistently reached some extremely high scores. These reviews are from expert buyers, who take into account everything from pricing and value for money to the sheer quality of the smoking experience.

This means that reviews like these aren’t aimed at a sale, but give you plenty of assistance in understanding how a cigar brand will smoke before you decide to buy. Of course, Internet reviews can’t give you the exact experience of smoking a cigar, but definitely do help to not only compare the quality of a good selection of brands and to weed out attempts to sell fake Cuban cigars.

Swiss Cuban cigars may be based in Spain, but their website has the largest selection of non-counterfeit Cubans on the Internet. The site also offers reviews for each cigar. Given the guarantee for quality and authentic derivation of each cigar brand, the website offers the kind of service that buyers can trust.

Now let’s dig a little deeper into the history of the Cuban Cohiba cigar brand to find out just why it has become such a popular company on the market.

How Castro helped to launch the Cohiba brand

Synonymous with Castro himself, the Cuban Cohiba actually originated with one of his bodyguards. When Castro was offered one of the bodyguard’s private supply of cigars that turned out to be made by Eduardo Rivera.

Always on the lookout for the perfect cigar, Castro asked for a special run just for him of the then unbranded cigars. He did allow some of his colleagues to have them too, but the production run was very small.

In 1994, Castro related the story of the establishment of the Cohiba brand and the business that manufactures it. After learning from his bodyguard that the fine, aromatic cigar was made by a friend of his, Castro said: “Let’s find this man. I tried the cigar and I found it so good that we got in touch with him and asked how he made it.”

After learning from Rivera all about the specific leaves used and how the unbranded cigar was wrapped, Castro set up the El Laguito factory for him. And the rest is history with Castro saying: “Now Cohiba is known all over the world”.

Castro said that in 1994, but it remains true in 2022.

Private production evaded threats of assassination for Castro

Interestingly, another reason Castro was keen to have special cigars produced in small quantities just for him, is that at the time the CIA was allegedly working on ways to assassinate Castro (and other revolutionary leaders like Che Guavara).

One of the assassination tools was the development of exploding cigars by the technical department of the CIA. No wonder that Castro preferred a private service and a strictly controlled manufacturing site for his cigars.

By setting up the business and providing the money, cigar makers and other elements of the service, Castro was therefore integral in launching the Cohiba as a brand and business.

During the first years of Cohiba production, there were very few boxes rolling off the line. This is because they were only for high ranking Government officials. But they were, as we mentioned earlier, often given out to other leaders and diplomats as gifts. So, we can be sure that the superior Cuban Cohiba was being appreciate outside of Cuba too.

Cohiba launches to non American markets in 1982

It was the 1982 World Cup, which was hosted in Spain), that served as a launchpad for the Cuban Cohiba cigars to new markets around the world.

At that date, there were three vitolas produced by the company. These were the Lancero, the Corona Especial and the Pantela. Seven years later, the site began producing the Esplendido, the Equisito and the Robusto. These are now collectively known as the classic line (or Linea Clasica) of the company.

At a later date in 1992, the company launched another line of cigars. Called Linea 1492, this line was produced on site to mark the 1492 voyage of Columbus. Each vitola was therefore named as markers of the centuries since the voyage.

Often, the Habanos company releases special runs to make events or festivals. For example, every year they release a limited edition with a range of different sizes of their most popular cigars. These are differentiated by the fact that they are wrapped in different leaves – a darker vintage.

You may notice that the Cohiba brand name is also used by the company for different products too. These include a range of cigarettes that have been produced on site since 1987. Another example is the Cognac called Extra Cohiba. This has been made by the company since 1999.

Which leaves are used to make Cohiba cigars by the Habanos company?

One of the reasons that Cohibas consistently garner high review scores and very appreciative consumer reviews online is the fact that they use some of the very best tobacco Cuba offers.

This brand exclusively uses only the very best leaves from top rated fields (Vegas Finas de Primera) found in the San Juan y Martinez and San Luis zones. These zones are located in the famous Pinar del Rio Province of Vuelta Abajo.

You won’t easily find the site of the exact fields as they are closely guarded Cohiba trade secret. An average year of production on site uses leaves from just five of these carefully guarded fields.

What makes the production of Cohiba so special?

The factory provides an extra service when producing Cohiba products – a third process of fermentation at the factory in wooden barrels. This, according to reviews, works really well to make a cigar with the smoothest possible flavour.

This attention to detail, and meticulous service goes a long way to explaining the high level of reviews you can find online for Cohiba Cubans.

While the brand was originally only made at the factory that Castro set up – El Laguito – eventually some production moved to another factory. This one is called Partagas and is based in Havana.

Which is the best Cohiba vitola?

Cohiba as a brand is the best known around the world, and one of the most popular products in the range is the Cohiba Siglo VI.

This is one of the 1492 Line that we mentioned earlier, which launched in 1992. According to a blind review, the Siglo VI scored highly on just about every aspect, including 88/100 for appearance, 89 for aroma, 91 for the first third in terms of flavour, 93 for the second third, 88 for the final third.

Overall impressions came in at 91, with 87 for how it burns, 89 for construction and an overall score of 90.

Descriptions in the review include: “… this was a very good, smooth and velvety smoking experience,” and “… The cigar is fairly nuanced without having the spice to eat you over the head).

A great choice for a wedding or other special occasion

This review was blind and conducted by four reviewers, and we have to agree with its main points.

Anyone who is looking for the ideal smoke for a wedding, other special occasion or wants to be sure to avoid fake products should take advantage of the service that ensures a bona fide product.

Any of the Cohiba line is ideal for special occasions, or just as your everyday smoke. It’s for discerning smokers who want to enjoy a superior smoke, a smooth flavour and something a little bit special.

The brand has come a long way since it started as Castro’s private production line, but the very high quality remains the same.


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