Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews the popular Vegueros Cuban cigar brand

Swiss Cuban Cigars sells authentic Cuban cigars online to a worldwide market. One of the most important underlying drivers of Swiss Cuban is to always ensure that customers have access to a wide variety of guaranteed real Cuban cigars.

All of the Cubans that Swiss Cuban Cigars sell online from their base in Gran Canaria are manufactured and distributed by Habanos SA. Based in Havana, Cuba, Habanos makes 27 brands of authentic Cuban cigars and controls the distribution and marketing of them.

Swiss Cuban Cigars only sells authentic Habanos SA cigars

This is how customers know that they are buying the real thing when they buy from Swiss Cuban Cigars – every box comes in original sealed packaging complete with the green seal and security number that allow its origin to be traced to source.

Aside from never selling fake Cuban cigars, Swiss Cuban Cigars is known for its excellent customer service, its knowledgeable team and for the easy payment structure and fast delivery it offers. As part of the service that Swiss Cuban offers its customers, the team regularly review and discuss different Cuban cigar brands.

Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews all the brands, from the very popular big sellers to the lesser known but sought after limited editions. Here’s what they think about the Vegueros brand of Cuban cigar.

History and background of the Vegueros brand

‘Vegueros’ translates directly to ‘tobacco growers/farmers’ and that’s why the brand was created. It was introduced in 1996 specifically to pay tribute to all of the generations of farmers who have cultivated tobacco in the Pinar del Rio growing region in Cuba.

The idea is that the brand commemorates their work going back decades and pays tribute to their commitment and passion for growing the finest tobacco in the world.

Traditionally, farmers working in the wider Vuelta Abajo zone – which incorporates the Pinar del Rio region – roll their own cigars for their own use. Of course, this involves hand-rolling and expert selection of the finest parts of the leaves with which to make the cigars.

Visitors to the region wanted to find out for themselves how these cigars tasted, given that they are made by farmers growing tobacco in the world’s finest cultivation region. So, the brand was launched to share the high quality smoking experience with cigar lovers and newcomers to smoking.

Where and how are they made?

Today, the Vegueros line of Cuban cigars are manufactured at a factory in Pinar del Rio called ‘Francisco Donatien’.

The factory has been around since 1868 and was then converted into a cigar manufacturing site in 1961. While the factory had already been producing cigarettes for consumption in Cuba by this point, it was in the early 1960s that cigars for domestic consumption were first made there.

Colloquially, these cigars became referred to as ‘vegueros’ after the farmers we talked about earlier. They were, at this point, made specifically for public events and national banquets of the government. For all of these reasons, no one outside of Cuba had heard of Vegueros cigars until tourists began visiting and asking to try them.

This prompted Habanos to launch them for export in 1996.

Vitolas available from the Vegueros brand

Around 15 years after the brand first launched, the entire line was renewed along with the branding and presentation.

When the brand was relaunched, Habanos included innovative new sizes into the line. These include:

  • Tapados (46 x 120mm long)
  • Entretiempos (52 x 110mm long)
  • Mananitas (46 x 100mm long
  • Centrofinos (50 x 130mm long).

The Centrofinos is particularly popular with cigar aficionados and while the whole range is full bodied, they are still accessible for newcomers to the world of Cuban cigars.

What’s the smoking experience like?

For the team at Swiss Cuban Cigars, the revamped Vegueros line manages to combine a distinctive modernity with the old world tradition of the tobacco farmers favourite cigars. This has created what amounts to a whole new breed of Cuban cigar, for the modern smoker.

They recommend the brand to casual smokers and connoisseurs alike, given its smooth smoking experience. Customers can expect a rich and smooth smoke and to really taste the superior quality of the tobacco when they smoke it.

Each vitola in the range gives a medium to full bodied, creamy hit with undertones of earth, spice, nut and pepper flavours. Expect to get a hint of cream and some citrus notes, all adding to the complexity of the smoking experience.

Competitively priced for regular smokers

Another factor that makes the Vegueros range popular with cigar lovers is its mid price point. It’s a great choice for smokers looking for something that is elevated beyond the budget brands but isn’t as expensive as the likes of Montecristo and Cohiba.

The latter are out of many people’s price range, particularly when they’re looking for something to smoke regularly. Swiss Cuban recommend keeping Cohiba and the more pricey brands as a special occasion choice and going with the Vegueros line for an every day smoke.

Overall, it’s clear when you smoke any of the Vegueros vitolas that a lot of love, pride and care goes into their manufacturing. It’s a great mid-price brand to choose and a good introductory smoke for newcomers to the world of Cuban cigars.

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