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The Bolivar Belicosos Finos: Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews

Swiss Cuban Cigars regularly reviews different Cuban cigar brands to help customers decide which are the best option for their cigar needs.

The expertise and experience of the Swiss Cuban team offers detailed advice on the history of the brand itself and the smoking experience of different cigars from the line.

In this blog, Swiss Cuban Cigars will explain the background of the Bolivar brand of Cuban cigars and then specifically review the Bolivar Beliicosos Finos vitola.

The history of the Bolivar brand of Cuban cigars

The Bolivar brand of Cuban cigars is named after Simon Bolivar, who is a major historical figure. The South American revolutionary lends his name and vibe to the cigars as they are considered to be some of the most robust on the market.

Simon Bolivar is known as the liberator of a huge swathe of South America from the rule of Spain, and as such is considered a strong and revered historical figure.

They are full-bodied and use specific types of tobacco leaves, known as ligero. These are the leaves found at the top of every tobacco plant. They have a coarser texture than other parts of the plant and therefore they give a cigar a heavier, more potent flavour.

This is why the ligero leaf is used for full bodied Cuban cigars, such as those under the Bolivar line.

When was the Bolivar brand established?

It’s possible that the Bolivar brand was originally started in Great Britain by a man called Jose F Rocha at the very start of the 20th century. It wasn’t until 1921 that the Bolivar name was registered in Havana under his company, which was called JF Rocha y Cia.

Right at the start of its brand life, Bolivar became known for making the tiniest Cuban cigar available on the market. This was called the Delgado and had a tiny ring gauge of just 20.

In 1954, the brand and all of the rights was bought by Cifuentes y Cia – this was after Jose Rocha died. Production of the Bolivar brand of cigars was moved to the Partagas Factory in Havana – many of the cigars under the brand are still made there today.

What is the Bolivar brand known for?

Cigar aficionados generally love the Bolivar brand for the fact that it offers the strongest and most full-bodied cigars out there. Beloved examples include the Royal Corona, Petit Coronas and the Belicosos Finos

For all these reasons, Bolivar is one of the most popular brands from Habanos SA due to its strength and flavour. The blend used in the Bolivar range of cigars is a mix of wrapper leaves and filler from the famous Vuelta Abajo tobacco growing zone.

Expert cigar smokers and Cuban cigar aficionados in particular love the Bolivar brand. Here’s a list of the cigars available from Bolivar currently:

Bolivar Tubos No. 2: Ring gauge of 42 and 129 mm long.

Coronas Junior: Ring gauge of 42 and 110 mm long.

Petit Coronas :Ring gauge of 42 and 129 mm long.

Royal Coronas: Ring gauge of 50 and 124 mm long.

Royal Coronas Tubo: Ring gauge of 50 and 124 mm long.

Belicosos Finos: Ring gauge of 52 and 140 mm long.

Belicosos Finos Reserva Cosecha 2016 to 2020: Ring gauge 52 and 140 mm long.

Bolivar Tubos No 3: Ring gauge of 34 and 125 mm long.

Libertador: Ring gauge of 54 and 164 mm long.

Mundiales: Ring gauge of 56 and 160 mm long.

Regentes: Ring gauge of 52 and 130 mm long.

Soberano: Ring gauge of 54 and 140 mm long.

Super Coronas: Ring gauge of 48 and 140 mm long.

Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews the Bolivar Belicosos Finos

So that’s the background of the brand, and now Swiss Cuban looks deeper into the Bolivar Belicosos Finos. This cigar is the strongest of the whole Bolivar range, and is considered to have a good draw and great combustion by reviewers.

While this cigar is the strongest, it’s still very smooth and has a rich and aromatic profile. Along with this, you can expect the kind of subtle spicy flavour notes that often come along with strong Cuban cigars. There are hints of chocolate, cinnamon and salt when you smoke it.

The Bolivar Belicosos Finos is the only figurado that the brand offers (figurado is any cigar that doesn’t have straight sides). Always hand-rolled and always perfectly packed, the cigar targets the palate in a way that makes the smoker keen for the next draw.

Buying Cuban cigars online

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The Swiss Cuban Cigars team comprises cigar experts and they are always able to give plenty of advice on brands and cigars. But more than this, they can ensure that customers do not get taken in by retailers selling fake Cuban cigars.

Just how much of the global market of Cuban cigars are actually authentic isn’t precisely known but there are estimates saying that up to 90% of Cuban cigars sold in the US are actually fake.

It’s a huge market and, of course, can ruin the smoking experience for so many people. Swiss Cuban always advises checking the boxes and seals to ensure that the product is totally authentic and also guarantee that every product they sell is absolutely the real deal.

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