Swiss Cuban Cigars is the largest online retailer of authentic Cuban cigars on the Internet.

We sell a wide variety of high-grade Cuban cigar brands, complete with authenticity marks that can be checked on the official Habanos SA site.

Can you buy Cuban cigars in the US?

Swiss Cuban Cigars launched in 2012 in Las Palmas, Spain and has been selling high quality Cuban cigars ever since.

All cigars come with the unique barcode that authenticates them as bona fide Cuban cigars, so buyers always know that they’re smoking the real deal.

While they’re based in Spain, SwissCubanCigars sells worldwide, including the US.

Can you legally buy Cuban cigars online?

The company is partnered with, making payments easy and accessible online.

The customer experience is very important to the team at Swiss Cuban Cigars, and we’ve built up a solid team of experts to support the journey every step of the way.

Prices are competitive and delivery is available to anywhere in the world within 15 to 30 days of ordering.

What is the best Cuban cigar brand?

All cigars available at are 100% authentic premium Cuban cigars from Habanos SA. Customers can request origin certificates as proof of authenticity.

The packaging also reflects the authenticity of cigars sold. Loo out for the Habanos seal in the upper right hand corner of the box and the Made in Cuba stamp on the left. Since 2010, the seal is the form of a hologram on the far right side of the box, and the barcode on the left. Customers can run the barcode on the Habanos SA website to double check the authenticity.

SwissCubanCigars has the widest range of premium cigar brands available online, with full rundowns of each brand. Customers can also read Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews to find out more about each brand.

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